FPS transducers are thin, durabile and high quality.


It also permeates a clear, directional plane wave.

FPS Pro Audio Speakers are line array speakers with trendy looks, a high quality finish and superb sound.


They are scalable to various sizes of audiences in various places, such as video conference rooms, churches, theaters, retail stores and convention halls.

FPS Public Address Systems are planar magnet, plane wave speakers with directional sound.


They are durable against the elements and can withstand water and heat, making them suitable for outdoor use.The FPS 10 year limited warranty is unprecedented in the industry.

FPS transducers are currently being used by automotive and marine accessories manufactures. The transducers are well suited for mobile products because of it being light weight, space saving, low cost of installation, durable and superb sound.

FPS can produce smaller quantity orders to suit any of your needs. Our engineers are experienced and capable of developing any type of speakers just for you.


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